LLBLGen Pro v3.0 sneak-peak video

I created a small video (flash movie) of a neat feature of the upcoming LLBLGen Pro v3.0 designer: creating a typed list definition from search results obtained in the designer by running a custom piece of code (C#, with Linq to objects. VB.NET is also supported)! So any query you want to run on the model meta-data is allowed.

Please click on the screenshot below to open the page with the video. You need flash to play the video. No sound included.

LLBLGen Pro v3.0 is scheduled to go beta at the end of 2009 and will support the LLBLGen Pro runtime framework, Entity Framework, Linq to Sql and NHibernate.

Please click the screenshot to view the small video. (opens in new window)

Update: uploaded a better html file, so the video isn't resized improperly.


  • I know your excited about the ability to create a query and typed list running against the internal aspects of a LLBLGen project but I have to tell you.... the join visualization in the Relationships tab got me all happy when I saw it ! I know, its like you want to show someone your great new car and all they want is talk about the tires. But still that visualizer is nice!

  • Thanks Thomas! Yes the v2.x join description system is not that user friendly, so I thought: why not visualize them? So first we experimented with defining a typedlist by picking relationships from a bigger graph but that was awkward, however the system briefly shown in the video works very intuitively. :)

  • So, why all the 'graphic' language for the db non-indoctrinated?

    startVertex, endVertex, Edges . . .

    Why not put it in lay terms?

  • @Troy: the graph is a real graph class with vertices and edges. Relationships are subclasses of RelationshipEdge. It has helper properties for 'EntityPkSide' and 'EntityFkSide' if you want to use these, but as the datastructure is a graph, the elements are vertices and edges, as it's generic code (Algorithmia, the algorithm library which is shipped with LLBLGen Pro v3.0)

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