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  • / .Text screensaver!

    Ok, it's finished! :) Yesterday I blogged about my Christmas coding session resulting in an OpenGL 3D effect I named 'Bands' and today I've transfered it into a screensaver, complete with .Text / textures, to say 'Thank you' to Scott and the other people who keep this blogging site running, in a more 'geeky' fashion.

  • 3 hour coding result: OpenGL bands

    On a day like today, 1st Christmas Day (we here in Holland have 2 Christmas days), and a day with no work (some people call it a 'day off' ;) ), the geek inside you gets a chance to eat away some hours with an obviously useless, but fun coding session.

  • Happy holidays!

    To all the people who celebrate the holidays: happy holidays! :) To all the people who don't celebrate anything in this period of the year: also to you: happy holidays :)

  • Signing your assembly, newbie guide

    Follow these easy steps. The first 4 steps you only have to do ONCE in your life. Step 5-7 you only have to do ONCE per project.

    1. Open a command prompt
    2. Type vsvars32.bat (enter) or navigate to the .NET bin dir
    3. Type: sn -k mykey.key (enter)
    4. Move mykey.key to a folder where it gets backupped daily, for example: c:\myfiles\keys\
    5. Open your code's solution in Visual Studio.NET
    6. Open the AssemblyInfo class in the editor
    7. For the attribute AssemblyKeyFile(), specify instead of the default "", the full path of your key, in our example this is "c:\myfiles\keys\mykey.key", so the attribute in full will be:
      C#: [assembly: AssemblyKeyFile("c:\\myfiles\\keys\\mykey.key")]
      VB.NET: <Assembly: AssemblyKeyFile("c:\myfiles\keys\mykey.key")>
    8. Compile your solution. After compilation, your assembly is signed with your strong key.
    9. To congratulate yourself with this big achievement, walk to the fridge and pop open a fresh Heineken.

  • Children...

    It seems some people think they're funny by posting comments under my name in other blogs, or flooding my blogs with crapcomments.

  • Summary of reactions on my blog yesterday

    I blogged yesterday about my concerns related to, Microsoft, its employees moving to this site and my blog on that same site. A lot of reactions were posted and some good arguments were given. I have to agree that when you have something to say about company X and its products, the best place to do that is where company X communicates to the world, and this site is one of those places. I have decided to stay for now, however Fabrice had some very good points: the image of this site is wrong; which was proven by a reaction of Andrew in the same thread. Brilliant :).

  • Is it still allowed to have criticism on Microsoft here?

    With the invasion of MS employees and with the amount of solely pro-Microsoft blogs very recently, I more and more feel less at home here, since I have the feeling it is not that appropriate to say something less pro-Microsoft, with all the Microsoft employees now moving to I'm considering moving my blog elsewhere because of this.