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  • And this is why Google will win...

    Jeffrey Palermo blogged tonight about his new link blog. It's not really a blog, it's a feed of shared items in Google Reader. I didn't know that was possible with Google Reader.

    What a great concept: the info is already there in your reader, so why not add the blog items of various blogs you're reading to a new list, which forms a new blog? So I instantly dropped Omea Pro and moved to Google Reader with my feeds. As I read a lot of blogs every day, I will try to share the items I think are useful to all my two my readers on my shared items 'blog' at Google. It's linked at the left, but for convenience, you can also click here. There's not that much shared at the moment, but I'm currently traversing my feeds to see if I can share more stuff. Every shared items 'blog' at Google also has an RSS feed, so you won't miss a thing!

  • Yeah, software is hard. Film at 11

    I ran into this today and it was simply too good to pass on:

    Like most O/R solutions today, ObjectSpaces attempted to support a rich set of mappings and scenarios through custom query generation. Adding support for a new type of inheritance mapping, for example, meant adding code to a query generator to insert the necessary join conditions in all the right places. Understanding how this new construct composed with other joins, projections, unions, and predicates added throughout the query to model other object-like concepts made the code complex and somewhat brittle. Trying to understand how to generate updates against such complex queries, or if such updates were even possible, was even more difficult. Worse of all was trying to verify that all possible combinations of the constructs composed into a query were handled correctly.