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  • LLBLGen Pro v2.5 has been released!

    Back in January 2007 we started designing and developing LLBLGen Pro v2.5, and it's finally here!

    When you develop a framework, at a given moment in time you'll wonder: "Ok, now that I have all the basics covered, which direction shall I go into now, what are the more meaningfull additions to the framework?", and we came to the conclusion that a more framework focussed approach was best, instead of adding more into UI oriented fluff like generating user interfaces (we still can do that though with a set of templates we developed, but it's not the core of the design). So, we added more entity management features, made the framework richer with a Dependency Injection mechanism and of course the usual set of new databases.

  • Just in case you're using VS.NET 2008 Beta 2 with C#...

    If you're using C# and VS.NET 2008 and you're typing some code like:

    CustomCollection<MyType> items = new CustomCollection<MyType>()
    foreach(OtherType other in OtherTypeCollection)
    where CustomCollection<MyType> implements IList explicitly (void IList.method(params) {} ), you will run the risk that the IDE collapses with a crash. This is a known bug and it is fixed before RTM (yay!), but it still can cause headaches for the early-adopters of MS' next IDE. So you have been warned .

    Full report here.