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  • I don't understand the longhorn-hype

    There will be a new operating system among us in a couple of years: the OS currently code-named 'Longhorn'. The date today is September 29th, 2003. Longhorn is expected in late 2005. That's almost 2 years from now. In these two years, we have to live with Windows XP, that's the current top desktop OS Microsoft has to offer.

  • Useless programming language constructs

    Ok, I'm back! :) After a long period of extensive programming (AKA 'Crunch mode'), the pressure is finally gone. Everybody who has released a big software product knows that releasing it is one, but the period after the initial release is as important as the release itself: early adopters who find odd bugs in weird circumstances no beta-tester has thought about testing nor did yourself thought it would be possible etc. But that's for another story to tell later :)