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  • LLBLGen Pro release date set

    To answer a lot of questions directly in one go: the beta program of LLBLGen Pro is going well, we are looking at an estimated release date of the successor of LLBLGen somewhere next week (September 1-5)! Keep those fingers crossed, people :)

    Ok, back into crunch-mode.

  • 'nGen' is NOT related to LLBLGen or me

    Just a quick remark: this morning I saw the adds for the beta for the tool nGen, v2.0 by nAlliance. People who download that beta might get the idea nGen 2.0 is related to LLBLGen or me. This is NOT, I repeat, NOT the case, even when you look at the connection screen which is almost identical to LLBLGen's and it's working is also similar. nGen is not LLBLGen v2.0 or a successor to it.

  • Stop ranting about the blaster worm

    Sorry to say it, but I find the recent rants about the MS Blaster worm from system admins a little silly. MS issued a patch on July 16th. That's how many days ago? Right. Now, when are the systems vulnerable? When port 135 is open to the outside, that's right. Now, how many days do you need to test every scenario? A week? At most. That's July 23rd, and you can start patching. That's how many days ago? Oh, you need to patch 1000 systems? Perhaps you should enroll some software MS developed ages ago to push installs onto client machines.

  • Sorry for the lack of updates...

    For the people eagerly awaiting new blogs from me, I'm sorry, but I'm in 'crunch-mode' at the moment, which means every minute of my time is spent to finish LLBLGen Pro before the end of August. It should go beta this week (as it is 99% feature complete, the last big hurdle was taken today, *pfew* :)). There are so many interesting topics I wanted to blog about last week and this week, but I simply don't have the time (to name a few: where to put my Business Logic code? Why a blog reader that can post blogs is a weird idea. VS.NET wish list part 3... etc.). When I find some minutes to blog some info, I'll try to do that in the coming week(s), however I'm more of a 'lecturer' blogger than a 'this passed my braincells just a few seconds ago and of course I found the need to share it with you'-blogger, so I hope to find some short blog-ideas that still can be very useful to you, my dear reader :)

  • More on the badness of E&C and how to debug software.

    Several people, mostly VB.NET developers, have disagreed (and still do) with my opinion about Edit and Continue (E&C) in a debugger. It's a free world (well, for most people). However let me elaborate some more about why I think Edit and Continue isn't a feature you really should be using and if you do, especially often, you are not using a good debugging style.