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  • VS.NET 2008 Beta 2 / .NET 3.5: Windows Forms ComboBox contains nasty bug.

    The Windows Forms combobox control contains a nasty a lot of people who will try .NET 2.0 applications on .NET 3.0 will run into: the Sorted property makes comboboxes unable to bind to data: they stay empty. This is particular bad, because any solid working application for .NET 2.0 using comboboxes in a databinding scenario (and I estimate a lot of applications fall into that category) which uses the Sorted property to get sorted results will run into this problem, and it has huge consequences: any user who has .NET 3.5 installed will run into this, no matter what you defined as supportedRuntime in the .config file of your application.

  • Oh no, another tag-youre-it game!

    Sahil tagged me in the never-ending-series of tagging other bloggers. This time it's about Stuff I wouldn't wanna live without. Read Sahil's list here. The funny thing about these tagging games is that despite the useless babble that's mostly cluttering the tag-posts, there are always a few gems to find, things which will make you think "oh that's cool, I didn't know that!". I hope my useless list will trigger some of these thoughts as well .