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  • Ok the spammers win: no more comments...

    This is the second day in a row where I have to delete a massive amount of comments full with just URLs to obscure sex sites and other crap , so enough is enough: for now comments are disabled. Personally I don't like this situation of not offering the ability for the reader to leave a comment, but at the moment there is no other option.

    Until .text is updated with a better system for comments (i.e.: not being anonymous), I'll leave comments off. Sorry for that.

  • VS.NET 2005 Express: find / replace accept only single line strings

    I filed it here, so you can vote on it . Early in the whidbey alpha program proposed screenshots were posted of the new search/replace dialogs. I then mentioned it would be great (because I ran into this limitation a couple of times) if the find/replace dialog would accept multi-line search and replace strings, so you could search for 2 lines for example and / or replace with a multi-line string. A lot of people in the whidbey alpha group agreed.

  • VS.NET 2005: dialogs will not be resizable :(

    I filed a suggestion last week about the fact that a lot of the VS.NET 2005 dialogs are fixed size and often (read: always) too small to show all the content they contain and that these dialogs should be made resizable.

    Here's the response I got:
    Thanks for the suggestion. This is a know limitation of our current architecture, and one of the first things I want to tackle in the next version.

  • Tech-ed 2004 impressions.

    Tech-ed 2004 is my first Tech-ed / Microsoft conference ever, I didn't know what to expect however it turned out to be really cool. It's Thursday evening now, just before the party starts. Yesterday I hosted the O/R mapper BoF session and it went really well. At first I had to warm the audience up a little, most people were waiting for others to answer the questions. What surprised me was that so little people had actually worked with an O/R mapper, about 15% or so of the audience of roughly 50-60 people. The number one issue most people seemed to have was what are the advantages of an O/R mapper over the dataset approach. Related to that was the discussion about which situations are best for an O/R mapper and which situations are probably better handled with a more set based approach. The session progressed really well after the slow start (which I filled with a short lecture about O/R mapping in general) and it turned out there wasn't enough time to handle all the questions people had. A session worth repeating!

    Currently I'm typing this on my laptop in one of the wireless work areas on Tech-ed, and it's also my first experience with wireless networking, which was kind of a struggle at first, due to me not having configurated my VPN settings correctly, ah well ;)

    The network is very good, a little slow sometimes, but that's fine. At least there aren't any situations like we had in the old days on demoparties where your computer suddenly switched off because some person pulled the power plug out of the socket, forgetting that his powersocket block was powering a whole set of computers next to him. :).

    The sessions are nice and there is a truckload of different material to choose from. They graded the sessions with numbers so you can see if a session is at the level you expect it to be (so you don't end up in a session where they try to explain what an object is when you expect some lowlevel CLR hacking info and vice versa). Not always are these levels matching the real session level but that's ok. Overall there is always something to learn.

    In the MVP lounge I met Thomas Tomiczek of EntityBroker and we had some nice discussions about O/R mapping, C# and .NET. It was great to meet him. I also ran into Lorenzo Barbieri, a fellow blogger, great to see the faces behind the names you see and discuss with every day :)

    Ok, I'm a little exhausted now so I'll end this little Tech-ed impression by showing a picture of the main hall where we have our lunch. :)

    lunch hall