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  • Microsoft, please fix MSDN Feedback Center bug report form.

    Disclaimer: rant straight ahead

    Ok, I'm getting pretty fed up with MSDN Feedback Center, Microsoft's bugreport system. It uses a bugreport form that's unusable in Firefox and also is simply stupid when it comes to uploading files. I really wondered why my attachments weren't attached to the bugreports, while the files were uploaded when I submitted the form (checked that). Turns out, some brilliant 'programmer' cooked up the idea to add a button (I never saw that button, after spending more than 10 years with websites you get blind for these things apparently, but nevertheless, it's completely unlogical why that button is even there) which performs the attachment upload, but it's in the same form! While everyone expects the file to be uploaded when you click submit. And the silly part is: because it's a file upload input element, the file is uploaded anyway when you click submit! So the file is uploaded when submit is called (as it has been since, what, 1995?), but the file is ignored when the form submits. That's what I call Coding for the Customer.

  • VS.NET 2005 C# : IDE hang with simply code...

    Today I was doing some small research work with generics in VS.NET 2005 professional RTM and I was just typing normal code when the IDE suddenly locked up, a hardcore hang with 100% CPU usage. After a kill process, I restarted the IDE, loaded the same testproject, went to the same line of code and typed the same text... bam! hangs again!