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  • Mini-Microsoft quits!

    Today, Mini-Microsoft, a blog by an anonymous Microsoft employee which got a lot of attention in the past, posted a blog entry that today's post is the last one...

    Like I said before, for the near-term I will throw up the occasional interesting article or reposted comment. Perhaps that is all it takes given the number of excellent, good-looking people willing to spend time reading and contributing to the comments. And I'll continue to moderate comments just because occasionally something wildly offensive does show up in the pending queue. So does this mean that this is the end of Mini-Microsoft? For now, yes, but only my end of it. The rest is up to you.

  • How to skin a cat^H^H^H... blog!

    So, now that we've this new CommunityServer 2.1 blog engine at our disposal here at (Thanks guys! ), the big 'let's make my blog look better'-struggle begins again, as .Text skins don't work in CS 2.x for obvious reasons.

  • Ok, RSS urls don't work yet.

    There are some issues now with the RSS urls, which are not complete. More people have this problem at the moment, so I hope someone finds out what the cause of this is.

    It appears a post only shows up in the main feed if it's tagged with a tag from a small set of tags. Understandable of course.

  • Testpost

    Test post, to see if this works. Apparently posting through w.bloggar does post the text here, but doesn't seem to propagate the post to the main feed...

  • Blog migated!

    Last night, has been migrated to CS 2.1, and this of course gives a lot more features to the blogs at this site, including this blog! The skin I had on the .Text powered version of this blog couldn't be migrated as CS 2.x works differently, so I picked this one from the skins available. I'll try to update this skin a bit later on, when I have more time ( at the moment it's a little hectic with LLBLGen Pro v2 in beta now so I hope to have a more custom skin soon, but when I'm not sure. )

  • (.NET 2.) Dictionary(Of Key, Value) performance trick

    (I used the VB.NET notation in the title so it won't nag about illegal characters like < and >)

    In .NET 2.0 you'll have this new generic Hashtable variant called Dictionary<TKey, TValue>. It can be used as a Hashtable but now strongly typed and it doesn't use boxing anymore with value types. That's great and all, though there's one thing that's different from the hashtable: retrieving a value with a key that's not there. If the key value isn't present in the Dictionary, you'll get an exception when you do:

    MyClass myValue = myDictionary[key];
    and key is not present in myDictionary, while with the hashtable, you'll get back a null value. See my old blogpost about that.