Mini-Microsoft quits!

Today, Mini-Microsoft, a blog by an anonymous Microsoft employee which got a lot of attention in the past, posted a blog entry that today's post is the last one...

Like I said before, for the near-term I will throw up the occasional interesting article or reposted comment. Perhaps that is all it takes given the number of excellent, good-looking people willing to spend time reading and contributing to the comments. And I'll continue to moderate comments just because occasionally something wildly offensive does show up in the pending queue. So does this mean that this is the end of Mini-Microsoft? For now, yes, but only my end of it. The rest is up to you.

It has always been unclear, at least for the people outside Microsoft, who was behind the blog. It's sad the blog stops, as its contents, together with the comments from other Microsofties, gave us outsiders some small glimpse how the life is inside Microsoft.


  • Why do you like everything that criticizes MSFT?

  • Where do I say that I like everything that critizises microsoft? If you think Mini-microsoft is just about ranting, you don't get the purpose of the blog.

    I like honesty, and I truly hate marketese. Critizism isn't bad also. Critizism, though with valid arguments so no rants or other crap, shows that the person who has the critizism cares, and wants to have something changed for the better.

    I don't see why that's wrong in any way. If no-one critizises Microsoft or what they do, though again with valid arguments!, we're not going to be happy in the long run.

    Mini-microsoft was / is about honesty. About cutting down the management layer and getting back that leaner MS with more focus on quality and less on marketing-driven drivel. I know MS knows who's behind the blog. I'm not sure if MS has pushed the author to quit the blog. I truly hope they haven't.

  • But you don't work at MSFT, how do you know if "one person's" opinion from MSFT is really the truth? Frankly in a large organization such as MSFT, a blog expressing opinions can never be taken with a grain of salt.

    MSFT has it's downsides sure .. but it also has it's positives.

    To the guy who runs mini-MSFT. Rather than being an armchair CEO, I'd like to see him come out in the open, and establish a company on the same suggestions he has been giving to MSFT, and beat MSFT @ it's own game.

  • You really didn't read the blog, did you? :). I can tell because of your first remark. It's the comments. The comments are often made by MS personell.

    And as I said before: if people critisize it's because they care. People don't spend time and effort to critisize something they don't give a **** about.

    You want to know more background about this blog? Read:
    Frankly, I simply can't understand why people are so focussed on 'Oh, please don't say something bad!'. If it IS bad, why shut your mouth? As you said, I don't work for MS, but my work depends on what they do. Therefore it IS important that they produce the quality I and others need to do our work properly. That's the reason I care and the reason I keep on critisizing till everything is top notch.

  • Well it just looks like you're very anti-msft @ times :).

    So what do you think of that minimsft guy coming out in the open?

  • I think you should look more closer :) I've never been anti-microsoft, because being anti- is silly. I'm anti-marketingdrivensoftwaredevelopment, and if that hits MS from time to time, don't worry, I just can't stand Marketeers deciding what's best for software. ;)

    I don't think he'll expose himself to the public and I don't think that's necessary. His blog was just a starting point for more openess as a lot of people have agreed on, and I think that's a good thing. Exposing himself will only end in a personal tragedy for the guy and he doesn't deserve that.

    Never forget: there are a gazillion blogs out there with stuff critisizing MS. This blog however became well known and respected. For the sole reason that MS personell wrote comments on that blog to give us outsiders a glimpse of the internal every problems of working in a big corp.

  • Awrite man .. if you insist, you aren't an MSFT bigot. :)

    Either way, minimsft posted yet another message - he can't seem to get out of the armchair CEO mode.

  • hehe no indeed I'm not a bigot ;)

    He indeed posted a new posting. Good for him. :) What I don't understand (but you're fully entitled for your opinion of course) is what you have against that blog. ;)

  • What I have against that blog?

    I dislike people who are disloyal armchair CEOs.

    Thats about it :)

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