I'm alive!

These days, it's hard to claim you're truely a geek when you don't have your own blog. And, if I might add, the blog has to be placed on a blogspace which holds some value. I'm very happy that I can conquer those suits at upcoming birthday parties again, when they start ventilating their coolness because they 'blog': I now too have my blog, and on one of the major blogspaces!

Needless to say I'm very happy to finally be able to say: I'm alive, I exist! (Not that this is of any real value to anyone, but that doesn't matter ;) )

I'll write mostly about developing with .NET, my daily fights with Visual Studio.NET and other semi-interesting stuff. For the people who do not know me, I wrote LLBLGen which is a DAL generator for .NET/SQLServer/C#/VB.NET and am currently working on the next version of this tool, which will be an O/R mapper on steroids.


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