Server problems solved

We're experiencing server problems at the moment at, our ISP is looking into the problem now, hopefully it's solved a.s.a.p. Problems were solved, but it's failing again. . Due to heavy traffic for our new version, the server burned down. We hope to solve it a.s.a.p.


  • Frans, hopefully it's fixed soon.

    Btw: while you're at it, please note that the links to the new Knowlegde base and the Quick Faq (in the newsitem from august 10th) are dead links. I guess the '/pages/' path is left out in these url's.

  • You can browse the site? I can't, I get a service unavailable error. :(

    Interned services, where we host the site, told us they're looking into it, though that was more than an hour ago, still no luck...

    Right before the 1.0.2005.1 release. :/

  • I guess this is an application pool error. Something must be wrong with the settings of the user in the local security policy.

    Did they do an update?

  • if you need solid hosting I know a good place ;-) ( 2.0 also)

  • We got an x amount of megabytes for the sole domain and we run 3 webapps on that, including our forums. the forums use their own search engine because interned services don't want to enable full text search, and the cache for the wordlists costs a lot of memory, as it seems. Add to that a lot of requests for a 12MB file, and you have a nice scenario where the appPool dries up and iis says 'goodbye'. I've moved the forum code to our own box (which is in the same rackspace) so our main site has more breathing space.

    Not fun, when you're supposed to be drinking champagne because of hte new release, and all you do is desperate watching the site go down aaargg! :). For now it works ok, let's hope it stays up :)

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