Pro ADO.NET 2.0 by Sahil Malik, a review

My good friend Sahil Malik recently released his second book, called Pro ADO.NET 2.0. The book is about .NET's API to work with databases: ADO.NET, and especially its newest incarnation: ADO.NET 2.0 for .NET 2.0.

The vast majority of applications written nowadays use a database, and it's therefore likely you, the .NET programmer, will run into the problem: how to utilize this database in your .NET code? No matter what solution you might choose for that, for fully understanding the complete picture it's important to have some knowledge of how .NET's data access API works, what the core elements are, which features are available to you and how to conquer common and not so common problems. After all, all data access solutions for .NET are build on top of ADO.NET.

Pro ADO.NET 2.0 answers all these questions, and more: it gives you complete insight in how ADO.NET works and should be utilized to get the most out of the combination of your software and your database.

I could go on and on, but I think there's just one conclusion possible:

Get Pro ADO.NET 2.0 by Sahil Malik. Now.


  • And you haven't even put your affiliate ID in the Amazon link!!


  • hehe :) I don't even have one, actually. So I copied Sahil's link, probably with his affiliate ID ;)

  • Oh thanks man !!!

    BTW, for the readers here, Frans was a reviewer on my book. And boy did he bitch a lot. In fact, in the acknowledgements section I say something like this --

    "I am happy to have found the two most spit in the face reviewers I could find..".

    I am glad I listened to all he said as I feel that ended up improving the quality of the book by many times.

    Reading this from especially Frans is more a treat for me than anyone else. I am extremely happy that Frans of all people ended up writing this.

    Thank you SIR!!

  • Thanks man :)

    And you're welcome, you worked hard enough to deserve a top spot at Apress top 10 list :)

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