FIX: Nested groupbox controls on .NET 1.1 SP1 have corrupted caption text

A few days ago I blogged about a nasty bug in .NET 1.1 SP1, which made a nested groupbox control show up with garbled caption text (see here and here).

It took some hoops but Microsoft has fixed this now. It's a fix that's available through PSS, and has KB number article number 890828. The fix is still under review so it might be the KB article is not yet available, the fix though is available through PSS.


  • Nice, but why is this a call-for-patch fix?

    quote ---

    I'll try to contact PSS later today to get a fix for this AND to get this fixed publicly, because a private PSS-call-us-fix is useless, as users of applications by ISV's first have to call PSS to grab the special fix, which most of them won't do.

    --- quote

    -- Michael

  • Overheard as an anonymous comment at Microsoft --

    "Guys we need to fix it, because it is incredibly hard to argue with Frans Bouma."

  • haha :)

    But! To my defense (hehe) I lost the argument for a public fix... :P

    I have so much to learn...

  • Magik. Thanks Mr Bouma - you retain your "The Man" title!

    I have never understood the logic of making your customers jump through hoops to get fixes on your own f-ups. I know one thing: We would never get away with that if we did it to *our* customers...

  • This is all very disappointing to see.

    If the long-awaited service pack is breaking apps, then what's the point?

    Seems that the XP themes causes more issues than it's worth. Like the gridlines issue in listviews.

    Not really sure what to look forward to now. .NET 1.1 SP1 looks dodgy and Whidbey is a long way away.

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