.NET Tool/Control vendors/creators: new directory site: www.developerfood.com!

A good friend of mine, Scott Wallace, has created a new .NET tool/control directory site: http://www.developerfood.com! If you are a tool / control vendor or a freeware/open source tool/control programmer, feel free to add your tool/control to the directory. The site is free, doesn't sell the controls / tools it lists nor is it affiliated with a tool/control vendor.

I think it is a great initiative and it takes just a few minutes to get your tool/control enlisted. One for the bookmarks!


  • err. your own tool isn't listed :D

  • A good complement for <a target="_new" href="http://SharpToolbox.com">http://SharpToolbox.com as SharpToolbox doesn't list controls (except for charting).

    By the way, the <a target="_new" href="http://SharpToolbox.com">http://SharpToolbox.com directory is getting close to 500 tools, libraries and add-ins! :-)

  • Paul: not yet :) It's in 'review' :) (listing will be up within a day or so. The site's DAL is made with LLBLGen pro BTW.

  • Nice site, hope there will be listed some nice and free tools.

    And good luck with reviewing! :)

  • It you want a control, check out the gallery at asp.net. Check out also the workspaces at gotdotnet.

    I am interested in any site that lists free or cheap (as in under $50) asp.net goodies.


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