GhostDoc 1.9.1 (for Visual Studio 2005) Released


Version 1.9.1 is a bugfix release of GhostDoc for Visual Studio 2005 (download on the GhostDoc homepage).

The VB.Net support will remain experimental in this release, so it is turned off by default and you have to turn it on in the configuration dialog. A couple of issues (caused by small differences between the C# and the VB.Net CodeDOM) have been fixed, and things are looking good in general so I’m confident I can drop the experimental status pretty soon.

Important: When updating from 1.9.0, please uninstall 1.9.0, start Visual Studio once, exit and then install 1.9.1. If you have customized your configuration, please export it before uninstalling 1.9.0, then import it after installation of 1.9.1. All steps are explained in detail in the ReadMe.txt file in the ZIP archive.


  • Fixed: Use of generics causing documentation not being generated.
  • Fixed: Installation not possible if "My Documents" folder is on network drive/share.
  • Fixed: VB.Net support: Inherited documentation causing either error messages or mixed up comments.
  • Fixed: VB.Net support: Property accessors being treated as methods.
  • Fixed: VB.Net support: Minor differences between C# and VB.Net CodeDOM causing trouble.
  • Fixed: Some add-in issues (uninstallation, add-in manager)
  • Changed: The add-in is no longer installed to a sub-folder of the AddIns directory. Instead, any location can be chosen now on the harddrive.
  • Changed: In the generated comments, references to types ("<see cref="..." />) are now using the "T:" prefix that you may know from the inherited comments. This is to avoid the (new) warnings that Visual Studio 2005 is generating.

Thanks to Markus Hogsved for his detailed feedback on VB.Net support.


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