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  • A Swiss Army Knife for Developers: DevToys

    Recently, I came across a wonderful tool called DevToys. It combines many common developer tasks like converting, encoding/decoding, formatting or escaping/unescaping text in one tool. DevToys can also generate UUIDs, “Lorem ipsum” texts, checksums and hashes. And it offers so much more (e.g., regex tester, text diff, Markdown preview) – here is a complete list.

    A nice touch is that DevToys can detect and highlight tools that match the content of your clipboard (the feature can be disabled in the settings if you are not feeling comfortable with this).

    Where to get DevToys

    You can install DevToys from the Microsoft Store or download it from GitHub. Other deployment options (WinGet, Chocolatey) are also available.

    For more information, see the DevToys website:

    For source code and issue tracking, visit DevToys on GitHub