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  • ReSharper 4.5 – Yup, now I’m a fan

    People around me have been huge ReSharper fans for quite a while, but it took me until ReSharper 4.1 to actually give it a try. So I played around with it, liked the features and – uninstalled it after a few weeks.

    I can almost hear the uproar of ReSharper fans “how dare you? This is like going back to writing code with Notepad!”. But honestly, version 4.1 did get on my nerves. I was constantly reminded that I had ReSharper installed, unfortunately in a bad way. Visual Studio simply didn’t “feel right” anymore in terms of performance. One of the many things that nagged me was that starting a new instance of Visual Studio for opening a solution always took a considerable amount of time.

    ReSharper 4.5 is a different story, though. Of course, certain features need a certain amount of CPU and I/O power, that’s a natural fact. Of course there’s still a slight delay here and there compared to a naked Visual Studio.

    And when opening a solution by starting a new VS instance, ReSharper is “cheating” a little my making its features available only after a few seconds. But that’s perfectly fine with me – when I open a solution I usually need some time to look around a bit before doing actual work, time that ReSharper can use for initialization. That’s much better than making me wait until I can even decide whether I opened the right solution.

    After a full day of coding on two C# solutions that with 4.1 installed made everything feel rather sluggish all in all, I can say that now with 4.5 installed I never thought about going back to a Visual Studio without ReSharper. And now that I’m not constantly thinking about performance, I finally can enjoy the many nice features of ReSharper.

    Indeed, if you’re not a ReSharper user, now is a very good time to give it a try!

  • dotnet Cologne 2009 bald ausgebucht!

    Wow, das ging schnell – da lässt man sich ein klein wenig Zeit mit dem Schreiben eines Blog-Eintrags um die Community Konferenz für WPF und Silverlight zu bewerben, und schon muss man sich sputen, damit er nicht überflüssig wird!

    Die Veranstaltung findet am 15. Mai 2009 in der Microsoft-Niederlassung in Köln statt und wird von den .NET User Groups aus Köln und Bonn organisiert.

    Hier kurz die Fakten:

    • 1 Tag
    • 2 Tracks
    • 12 Sessions
    • 15,- Euro (inkl. Verpflegung)

    Und jetzt schnell anmelden, denn die Teilnehmerzahl geht stetig der durch das Platzangebot gesetzten Grenze von 170 Personen entgegen!

    Aktuelle Infos auch auf Twitter unter, das offizielle Hashtag ist #dnc09