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  • GhostDoc Delay

    As the public interest regarding GhostDoc was next to zero (which isn't necessarily a bad thing at this phase of the project), I've done a quiet release of version 0.9, available only to some of my colleagues at work. The overall reaction was very positive and a lot of "cool, I want more" ideas  poured in which showed that they did "get" what GhostDoc is about. Unfortunately, when planning the future direction for GhostDoc, it became pretty obvious that the way the rules for method and properties are currently defined is a dead-end.

    So I have decided that there will be no public release of version 0.9. I will completely rework GhostDoc towards a more extensible architecture, even if this means I have to throw away a lot of work done in January. No idea how long this will take, but I try to make several small steps to minize the risk of getting carried away. More details will follow later.

  • GhostDoc has reached Dogfood Status

    A lot has happened since my last GhostDoc related posting. The addin version of GhostDoc is pretty close to a first public release. I'm already using it both at home and at work, but it's a bit complicated to keep the two configurations in sync. It's not really rewarding to define more specialized rules if you can't move them to a different machine. So I've decided to delay the release until some very basic import / export functions are implemented. They will be ugly, but straightforward to use and fully sufficient for a 0.9 version.

    Here are two screenshots of configuration dialogs:

    1. The main dialog

    2. The dialog for editing a property rule: