Second Place for GhostDoc in the Larkware Contest 2005!

[For my German readers: no, it’s not a mistake in the title – the first prize for GhostDoc means that I made the second place, as the first place gets the grand prize. I even googled it up, there doesn’t seem to be anything unusual about this usage of words]
[Everybody else: sorry, this is really not a joke, it’s confusing for us Germans and I had to explain it a couple of times today, including my parents on the phone]

Okay, enough explanation, let’s get to the point: GhostDoc 1.9.0 (i.e. the Visual Studio 2005 version) made first prize (second place) in the Larkware contest 2005 and this means: I won stuff. Cool stuff. Oskar even emailed me and told me: “you won cool stuff!”. And lots of it. One little problem: somebody forgot to include the XXL package of extra time to try it all out ;-)

In related news, version 1.9.1 is in the works and should be out really soon. The new version will fix installation issues people had when their “My Documents” folder was moved to a network drive or share, and the problem that comments with a <see cref=”…” /> wouldn’t be generated in generic classes.


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