GhostDoc is one of "10 Must-Have Add-Ins" in MSDN Magazine

MSDN Magazine 12/2005: Visual Studio Add-Ins Every Developer Should Download Now

Wow… GhostDoc is one of them… I’d only wish the example would have been just a little bit more convincing (SavePerson() -> <summary>Saves the Person<summary> — hmm… ok…). But I must admit that it’s pretty tough to really show off GhostDoc’s features in only about a dozen sentences. I’d recommend you watch the video, or even better download and install GhostDoc. In case you’re impatient, the help file has a short chapter “How do I see some action without reading boring stuff?” ;-).


  • Sorry about that, but when squeezing 10 tools I have to strive for simple examples that still show off the tools feature set.

  • Congrats on the getting the recognition from that msdn article. Do you have any plans to have the visual studio 2003 version support Thanks!

  • @James: No problem - I can imagine how difficult it must have been to squeeze ten tools into one article ;-)

    @Chris: In Visual Studio 2005, VB.Net is more or less handled like C#. There's a DocComment property on a code element I can read and write. For Visual Studio .Net 2003 I would have to take care of parsing and writing myself - nothing really tough at first sight. But having the DocComment property is also importang for getting documentation from interfaces and base classes, and that's something I couldn't emulate. All in all, other features and most importantly Visual Studio 2005 have higher priority. So - sorry, no VB.Net support for 2003.

  • I agree with Chris, that a VB.NET version would be nice as well, but I also understand that you want to prirotize c#, because you are mainly using it :)

    Good luck for the Larkware contest. I saw that you participated in that as well.

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