GhostDoc 1.9.0 (for Visual Studio 2005) Released

The highly anticipated version of GhostDoc for Visual Studio 2005 has just been released (download on the GhostDoc homepage)

Originally I had planned to give it the version number 2.0, but for various reasons I couldn’t do much more than just porting version 1.3.0 (the most recent release for 2003) to Visual Studio 2005.

So the big feature is: GhostDoc 1.9.0 runs inside Visual Studio 2005 and the dialogs more or less match the style of the GUI (icons, general look). Unfortunately I didn’t have time to update the screenshots in the help file, but no functionality has changed so I’m pretty sure you can live with that ;-)

Umm… OK… one more thing: Anyone interested in VB.Net support? I’ve added what I call “experimental support”. In Visual Studio 2005, the CodeDOM for VB.Net now supports the DocComment property, so it was pretty easy to get this running in principle (some adjustments had to be done, though). But to be honest, I didn’t have the time (and experience in VB.Net) to test this enough to be an official feature of GhostDoc 1.9.0. So VB.Net support is turned off by default and you have to turn it on in the configuration dialog, on the “Options” tab. To the VB.Net developers out there: give it a try and tell me what you think. Oh, it would be very nice if somebody could port the demo project to VB.Net – the VB syntax keeps my head spinning… (sorry, I’m a curly braces guy since Turbo C 2.0).

By the way, this release is my entry for the Larkware 2005 Developer Tool Programming Contest; let’s see how things turn out for me and what the other competitors came up with.


  • Great to hear that you have a version of GhostDoc for VS2005!

    Unfortunately I cannot find a download link on the GhostDoc home page :-( (the page has a number of broken links).

  • Gaah! That's why you shouldn't release software deep at night... The GhostDoc homepage was correct when I released 1.9.0 - but only for a few minutes. After writing this blog entry, I wanted to link from the homepage to the entry and somehow mixed up various index.htm files... FIXED!

  • GREAT! :)

    I've hit Cntrl-E in 2005 so many times now and then realizing it's not doing anything because ghostdoc wasn't available, so you made me a happy person with this release!

    Good luck in the contest. :)

  • When I try to install the 1.9.0 (VS2005) version I get the following error at the end of the installation:

    Unable to create an instance of the Weigelt.Ghostdoc.AddInInstaller installer type --> Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation --> That assembly does not allow partially trusted callers

    I checked the error on the web but I could not figure out how to fix it (you can't change .Net security policy for .msi files).

  • Ok, there seems to be a problem with the installer on some systems, I got another report of this exception by email. I'll look into that when I'm back at home this evening.

  • Question to "ZoEpErCaViA": Which version of VS2005 (Beta 2 / RC1 / RTM) did you use? The other person with problems tried to install GhostDoc 1.9.0 on Beta 2. I personally have only tested RTM.

  • I didn't get any errors during installation, but GhostDoc doesn't seem to be available inside of Visual Studio...

  • Ah! I changed the location of My Documents to a local folder and then tried to install.. and it worked! Prob you need to explicitly indicate that your installer needs the rights to write to network drives. Or maybe I can indicate that the mapped network drive is trusted, but that is not really a solution...

  • ZoEpErCaViA,

    regarding the mapped network drive: This will be fixed along with the other network path problem. I guess I'll have to return to installing GhostDoc to a folder below "Program Files" and store only the XML registration file in "my documents\Visual Studio 2005\Addins".

  • Mike,

    please try the following:

    - Uninstall GhostDoc

    - Start Visual Studio 2005 (without loading a project)

    - Close Visual Studio 2005

    - Install GhostDoc again

    Does this help?

    Anyway, I'll look into this for the next version as well.

  • installer not working here either, same problem as above (path access)

  • I am volunteering to take a GhostDoc to a new level. I’d like to make it work on VS 2003 for VB.NET. The reason being I’ve being recently converted into VB.Net developer against (I am C/C++/C# guy) my will and now I need to comment mine and somebody else code. So I think it would be a great value for me and will give it back to a community. Please share your source code and I’ll do the rest. I am @ Yuriy.shvadskiy at

  • Hi SeanSki,

    I have noticed this behavior on two machines, but right now I don't have an idea what the reason is. The documentation I've read so far always stated that "Visual Studio 2005\Addin" is a pretty much fixed folder (unless you delete it from the configuration), and I haven't found (ok, I haven't looked too hard) a way to determine the user-specific directory for addins.

    With 1.9.1 (which was released just minutes ago), it is possible to install GhostDoc "for all users", which during private testing of an 1.9.1 pre-release version on a colleague's machine solved the problem of GhostDoc not being recognized at all .

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