Coming soon... GhostDoc

It's pretty late here in Germany, but I cannot go to bed without posting screenshots of the first successful runs of my new VS.Net macro (with a little help from some C# code):


(Macro called three times)

GhostDoc helps writing API documentation by generating the "obvious" parts of the documentation from the identifier names. This is not a replacement for real documentation, but it's a good starting point. The text generation can be customized, here's an excerpt from the configuration file:

<!-- Default -->

<!-- Default for all boolean properties -->
<Property type="System.Boolean">
$$Access$$ a value indicating whether [$$NameAsWords$$]

<!-- Specific definition for the "Enabled" property -->
<Property type="System.Boolean" name="Enabled">
$$Access$$ a value indicating whether this $$Class$$ instance is enabled

I'll have a beta ready soon - stay tuned.

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  • Do you happen to have a .settings file (via Roy's tool) for your setup. Looks nice, and I'm always looking for the optimal font, color, screen settings! :)

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