One Reason why I use Hungarian Notation

While I adjusted my coding style for "everything publicly visible" to match the Microsoft guidelines, I still use Hungarian Notation internally (in a simplified form). One can argue whether or not it increases the readability of code, resulting in long discussions about the pros and cons.

One feature of HN I really love (and just don't want to give up) is how well it works in conjunction with Intellisense.

Example 1: Member variables ("m_" prefix):

Example 2: Controls ("c_" prefix):

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  • Yeah, we did something similar but used x for user input data controls (textboxes), y for display controls (labels), and z for action controls (buttons). It worked out great like you said, because even if you did not know exactly the name of what the xxx thingie was, you knew whether it was data, display, or action. We used x, y, and z because they are rarely used in the .NET Framework.

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