1st Place for GhostDoc !!!

Wow... what a way to start into the weekend... GhostDoc was voted the #1 Addin in Roy's Addin Contest! If you haven't tried it yet, why not download it and give it a whirl. There's even a "how do I see some action without reading boring stuff" demo included. After installing the MSI, simply open the program menu -> Weigelt -> GhostDoc and read the quickstart document for the few steps necessary.

Right now I'm busy preparing 1.10; I don't know when it will be ready for release (working on a CHM help file can chew up enormous amounts of time), but it shouldn't be that far away. The feature set is frozen and I'll touch the code only if a serious bug is found in 1.02. Note that funny results of the text generation don't count as a bug ;-)

I have a huge list of improvements waiting for 1.20 and later (e.g. generation rules for virtual "On..." methods), but first I want a clean release of 1.10.


  • Congrats Pal! Dont forget to make photos when you are at Microsoft ;-)

  • Very nice addin! What are the new features for 1.1 (and skipped to v1.2?)



  • Features coming in 1.1:

    - improved "of the" reordering

    - minor bug fixes

    - Configuration dialog (configure additional acronyms, "of the" trigger words, words that should never be preceded by "the")

    - Import/Export

    - Better documentation

    Planned features for 1.20:

    I'll publish a roadmap after 1.10 is out the door.

  • Hi,

    Do you plan a support for VC2005 soon ?

    ps: Congrats for you price :)

  • Hi Jonathan,

    yes, support for Visual Studio 2005 is planned. Right now I only have the Express version of VS2005 (no addin support) installed in a VMWare image, but as soon my ordered Beta 1 DVD arrives, I will at least experiment with a VS2005 version of GhostDoc.

    But before I invest much time in that, I want to reach a certain level of maturity for GhostDoc. Let's face it, at this point VS2005 support is a "nice to have" feature for most of us, as the *majority* uses (has to use) VS2003 to write anything more than just a few lines of experimental code.

    Considering the extra testing involved when supporting two versions, I would like to wait with that as long as possible (i.e. until a large number of users demands a 2005 version).

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