My MIX11 Recap: Day 3

There is always something sad about the last day of a conference. The sight of attendees with suitcases in the hallways, the noise of (de-)construction outside the session rooms during the talks and the overall fatigue after several conference days (not to mention the attendee party).

But the last day of MIX11 turned out to be great with high-quality talks that made me forget my “last day blues”.

Session: The Future of HTML5

Session: Filling the HTML5 Gaps with Polyfills and Shims

These were two interesting and informative sessions on what is not exactly my favorite topic. Having programmed (and debugged) large amounts of Javascript code in the past I must say that I’m not really a fan of the HTML5 hype. And while the sessions were well done, the information they provided didn’t really increase my enthusiasm for HTML5.

Session: Mind Bending UX - UX Lightning Series

The third session of the UX lightning series, and again a winner.

  • What Software can Learn from the World of Magic
  • Extending the Human DNA with Design
  • What Brains, Football and Hobbits teach us about Designer & Developer
  • Farming for Ideas: How to Be The Most Creative You

Thought-proviking and funny. Needless to say the room was packed.

Session: Good JavaScript Habits for C# Developers

This great presentation showed how modern Javascript should be used and what C# developers often do wrong when moving from one “curly braces language” to another. Interesting that some of the concepts that would have seemed exotic just a few years ago now feel familiar to C# developers – a sign shows how much C# has evolved with the addition of lambdas and closures.

Session: Advanced Features in Silverlight 5

The last session of MIX11 and a great way to end a conference. Unfortunately many of the features shown are not in the beta bits, but nevertheless I’m excited about what’s coming to Silverlight. I really liked the presentation style which showed good preparation.

Next up: My MIX11 Recap: Summary

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