Change Your Windows Live ID Primary Email

Prior to Windows Live ID you were able to change the primary email address on your Passport account (assuming your primary email address was a non-Hotmail address). This feature was missing from the new Windows Live ID system and once you migrated from Passport to Windows Live ID there was no going back.

Some people (like me) who changed jobs were stuck with either creating a new Windows Live ID (and chucking everything associated with the old one) or continuing to use the old account with an old email address. The later option was a bit scary if, like me, your old email was being forwarded to someone else; allowing them to retrieve your password and access your account.

On a whim I checked today and it looks like the Live team has rolled out the ability to change your email address. Simply go to and select a new one (either a Hotmail or another external email address).

Thanks to whomever pushed this one though.


  • Are you sure? Under "Credentials", I see no option to change my primary email address, only my alternate. Maybe my account is crippled in some fashion since it used to be a Hotmail account.

  • I concur there does not seem to be a way to change or sign-up under your own email address. The only option I see is hotmail and once signed up there doesn't seem to be a way to change it. You can add an alternate email but that doesn't do much.

  • Click "change" on the top of the page, next to your Live ID.

  • Unfortunately, this only works if your current email is NOT an MSN or Hotmail address.

    Very disappointing. Once Microsoft have you on their service you can never leave... unless you ditch all your current Windows Live services. Too bad if you paid for those services or you depend on them. (Xbox Live, MSN Messenger, MSDN, etc etc.)

    Lesson learned, never use a Microsoft email service as your Windows Live ID.

    Lesson learned too late for some. Sorry.

    Advice: Write an angry email to Microsoft. Ask them why they punish their own customers for being loyal.

  • Ok, got it: you need to use microsofts explorer to be able to change your primary id, doesn't work with Safari on a real computer.

    By nature, Microsoft acts as if there's no other software in the whole wide world.

    Probably has to do with security....

    Oh no wait, microsoft and security? That can't be right! ;-)


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  • Those who can't see the 'Change' button, make sure you are using IE, as the button won't show up in other browsers (tried it with Opera 9.x).

  • I am registered as
    Please change it to
    Thank you.

  • arrrghhhhhh!!!! i'm so furious. i've setup a new hotmail account to get rid of people i didn't want to know and stop receiving too much junk, only to find out my xbox live account is associated with my old email address and that theres no way of changing it. its stupid how microsoft should associate everything you do to your lame "windows live" account and not give you options to change it

  • I would like to change my msn password and windowslive messenger has been no help at all they keep telling me to reset my password so i try and it says its invalid. So please could windows live become more helpful with advice! p.s im furious too

  • worked fine for me, succesfully changed my Live

  • how do i change my id. I tried it for many hours but still couldn't get it.

  • rather than use credit cards it would be more useful for me when buying programs if i could mail a bank cheque for payment

  • it seems impossible but just look closer ....

    well i still cant change it my self..

  • To rename your Windows Live ID:

    1. On the Windows Live sign-in page, select Password from the Sign in with: menu.
    2. On the Convert or rename your Windows Live account page, click Rename, and then follow the on-screen instructions to rename your Windows Live ID.

  • Dears,
    I still suffering from your window LIVE. It is the worst one and I didn’t like it by anyway. I am wondering how to change my old window without asking my permission first. I am one of your old clients. Hotmail is my favor one. Your LIVE WINDOW is so bad. I can’t save any message coming to me. I would like to return me back to my old one. I was happy in using it since long time ago. Your duty obliges you to make consultation or plebiscite before change your window to know the taste of your clients. Clients always are right and you must respect their desires. You must respect and accept our tastes not to oblige us to accept yours. My age is about 80 years old and I am not ready to acclimatize with your Window-Live.
    Once again please return me back to my old window because frankly I HATE YOUR WINDOW LIVE.
    Don’t oblige me to stop dealing with you and go to YAHOO & GMAIL.


  • Yep it worked for me. Simple & straight forward, don't see why people are finding it so hard to do. I'ma a 47 year old computer dinosaur & I could do it no worries at all

  • I've tried using IE, but the supposed button to change you Windows Live ID still isn't chowing up...

    Mocrosoft needs to come up with a way to change you Hotmail address without losing all your contancts and e-mails and such. Or a way to create a new e-mail address and import all you old stuff, etc.

    I've trid finding the Convert/Rename you ID page, but I cannot find it ANYWHERE! And the sign-in page will not give me the option to sign in with my password.

    Where am I going wrong? I just want to change my e-mail address! Stupid Microsoft... I don't want to lose all my stuff, not spend the time e-mailing to my mew address 500 e-mails!

  • Change your Windows Live ID
    On the Account Summary page, click Change next to your Windows Live ID.
    Enter your password.
    Select Use a new Windows Live e-mail address.


    Select Use your own e-mail address.
    Enter the Windows Live ID or e-mail address you'd like to use, and then click Check Availability. If the name you choose is available, you see a message that confirms availability.
    If you've previously never agreed to the Windows Live Service Agreement or the Privacy Statement, you'll be prompted to do so. Read both agreements and select I accept. Otherwise, Click Save.
    Depending on your account type, you might see either the Use a new Windows Live e-mail address or Use your own e-mail address option listed. Some accounts may be ineligible for either option.
    Creating a new Windows Live e-mail address gives you access to all Windows Live services, including Windows Live Hotmail.
    Changing your Windows Live ID may cause you to appear offline to your Windows Live Messenger contacts and your contacts to appear offline in your contacts list for up to 48 hours.
    Although you can use your existing e-mail address as your Windows Live ID, you won’t have access to Mail services. To access Mail services you'll need to select Use a new Windows Live e-mail address when creating your Windows Live ID.
    In the Change your Windows Live ID section you might see the Forward my e-mail to my new e-mail address option. Select this option to forward e-mail from your old MSN Hotmail or Windows Live Hotmail account to your new Mail account for a limited time.

    ...but it sill won't WORK!!!

  • i think that it has to be the most retarded thing that you can't change your hotmail address. i've had mine for 3 years and want to change it but i don't want to lose everything in my account.


  • i would like to change my windows live id.but theres no link to be able to do this.i've tried everything in there and still can not find anything.HELP.

  • I,m havin a hard time getting my E-mail address, first it was then you changed to windows livehotmail, which isn,t working for me. you changed too quickly too soon. I am not happy with your service.

  • hey guys need help, i totally forgot my email address and password. is there anyting i can do?

  • hi ther i safyur coment for hotmail andi theng i know how to help you if you realy wanted my help so add this adres and i willshow you how et work weth hotmail to change

  • pllsss help me...i seem to have forgotten my password...dont remember my secret question either

  • I've had a hotmail email address for ten years. Now that I have gone through highschool, college, and started my career, I want to change my ID to a address. I don't think my old gamer address is appropriate anymore.

    I have 350 contacts in messenger that I don't want to lose. If anyone has figured out how to merge two accounts or change a HOTMAIL password, please post.

  • Please please remove I really need it to close, but I just can't do it..I know, don't sign in and it will close eventually, but I can't do that..easier just to get rid of it..please!!

  • ive managed to change my id, it said to wait an hour before signing in again, i waited and 3 hours later all my contacts are still ofline, and i no they are on, can anyone help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I want to change my MSN e mail address.


  • as u wish but i didnt saw the word of "Change next to your Windows Live ID" this world also.but i still remember old time i can change the email adress very simple. I'm trying with using mozila firefox and IE explore but still do not work.this r really such. Please post an comments if any 1 else know how to fix this problem thanks.

  • good thing you can change this thing

    thanks dave

  • thank you so much!

    from dave

  • i give up!!! i am just gonna copy and paste all my contacts frm my old address to a new one. will take me years but i dont have much choice if i want 2 change my email! It really is STUPID

  • My e-mail address is ok to use; i am trying to change the ID name that comes up in the "From" colummn for communities. When I go to the live sign-in page I can find no way to be able to do this. I see all the change areas for e-mail and password--but that's not what i need to happen. Is there no way just to change the name that appears in the area as mentioned above?? Please help. thank you

  • hey, my friend created the email id and i am stuck with it, i have had it email id for 5 years now, but i would really like to change it as my friend just made one up and i continued to use it. at that time iknew nothing about computers.

    i am not happy with the email i got.

    i read all above but cannot change it.

    pleease help

  • i need to change my id in this same account.

  • When i tried to change mine to a emial it said "reserved domain".......

    help please....

  • I changed my LiveID 5 days ago and I still haven't been able to log in. The password form MS support pages are sent to an unknown address and Microsoft never responds on the support requests. So far, I have 4 requests in 5 days....

  • my hotmail id is too long to remember.i want to replace it by shorter id

  • i have an email and one that is centurytel say thatcny39580doesn't exsist. but all my mail is going there. no mail is going to pbryan i spent 5 hours on the net with centurytel.and thay gave me s new passwopd it wont work either they say its windows problem. i don't care i just want to get my password and the cny39580 gone. help

  • OMG it is so annoyin y cant i change my windows live id name i am sooooooo annoyed

  • this sucks. I cant rename my windows live ID and i am officially annoyed. Microsoft is dumb

  • Im going to use back mine EndlessRainXXX@hotmail acc...because I'm going to giv up =)

  • Please , I don't like the newId account .
    i want my old id back

  • u all r so lameo make up your mindos

  • I don't want the Windows Live ID account and it keeps popping up on my computer and then it won't let me do anything. How do I get rid of it from popping up? I don't want it at all.

  • my current e mail id is alittle too long and i don't like it alos some unwanted people know about my id with whom i don't wanna keep comtact. So please help me out.

  • this is nothing helpfull i came on this because off my cusin because she saw my password and my boyfriend want chang my e-mail address cause i made it up when i was likeing another boy name justin and he and i broke up and winton and i goin now so he want we change it cause it ain't about him

  • i changed my address with the link you provided, and it worked.

    but now when i log in, my contacts all appear offline (i know for sure that some of them are online).

    please help. thanks.

  • Make sure you're running the latest version of Windows Live Messenger. I've seen this happen when running an older copy.

  • i want to change my hotmail id.

  • Just wanted to say pretty much same things which were said already.

    I had my e-mail live ID for 10 years. Says on my account page: "Registered since: April 20, 1999"

    For these ten years i've gained alot of contacts, but i never use the email with which i registered back then. So been trying to change it for hours now. No luck so far.

    On the Account settings page it shows the following:

    My Name
    Registered since: April 20, 1999
    Country/region: ***
    Birth date: ***
    Registered information

    No CHANGE button anywhere. Later comes the Password reset information. For the password change the CHANGE button can be seen clearly.

    I also tried this:

    "To rename your Windows Live ID:
    - On the Windows Live ID sign-in page, select Password from the Sign in with: menu.
    - On the Convert or rename your Windows Live ID page, click Rename, and then follow the on-screen instructions to rename your Windows Live ID."

    But cant find where to do this either =/

  • I wish I had know when I started using their services to NOT use a hotmail address. Way to discourage people from using your services!

    How can they expect people to NEVER change their address?!

  • i want to change my windows live id please

  • I changed my Live ID primary e-mail adress and everything works just fine... Except this one:

    Live Messenger contacts don't work :(

  • i like to read story books

  • I keep getting this message when I sign in MSN to change my windows live ID...

    I click the link....I then click the link that says CLICK HERE TO CHANGE YOUR WINDOWS LIVE ID...

    I click it and it takes me to a page that says...YOUR WINDOWS LIVE ID CAN'T BE can that be? is it just a random glitch? I would really like to know.

  • Well those instructions to change your email id do not work - plain and simple. I do not see the change button in internet explorer. None of these instructions make sense.

  • The problem is that they don't seem to accept external email addresses, at least not from common email providers like verizon. When I tried to change it to my verizon email address, it indicated that they do not allow using addresses.

    Microsoft is a strange beast, always aiming carefully and shooting itself in the foot. They act like they want people to use Microsoft Live, then create all sorts of barriers. This is a longtime Microsoft issue - Microsoft software is often incompatible with Microsoft's own systems, for example.

  • FYI, you all suck at the Internet. Srsly.

  • how to change my id ,nobody here give real steps to d........................-----------------------------------

  • I am so dissappointed. I'm certain MSN could've found one brain with enough intelligence to figure out how to improve email services and features with ease. Why isn't there a way to reset your email address? Hope it doesn't have anything to do with RECESSION. This is rediculous.

  • ween i send an email i get a pop-up that it does not reconize my isp address ho do i change it

  • What i want to know is Y msn is now so annoying. i ccan't chane msn email or even create a new account comes up with you have reached the limit for creating windows live ids trye sagain in 24 hours. i do with the same resaults this is moste annoying for me as i cant keep in touch with my contacts. beat that for good customer service. and you will have a winner. i o may have to move to a different messenger service. as i am sick of msn.

    Microsoft/msn/win live Please change your services so you dont looose coustemers like this.

  • reset password not coming to my alternate email id

  • i can't change my email adress name help this msn is soooooo annaoying

  • my old email has been invalid for years my new one is but when i try to edit the old email its not going through says confirmation code needed

  • I will change my id and my password

  • I am registered as
    please change it to
    thanks a lot.

  • i really can't change my hotmail ID I;ve read all above and I guess I am just going to give and sign up for a new one and copy all my contacts agaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin ggrrrrrrrrhhhh offffffffffffffffffft i'm really gitting mad :(:(

  • I want to change my hotmail ID. It doesn't work at all when I followed the instruction from help central.
    let me know how to resolve this problem

  • I have had my computer a whole year I haven't been able to use it. Window alive, Hot Mail, Yahoo nothing works, printer, communication seems when you call for help non and void. I need Help.

  • i dont no how to change my window life id

  • Sorry for the broken english

  • i want to ask? can you put your phone number on here?

  • Thaaanks a lot :) I've been wondering if this could be done for months :P

  • pls reset mo password and mail me on

  • goosh! i sign in as but please can you change this email address to I WILL BE VERY MUCH HAPPY IF YOU DO THAT TO ME.

  • hi

    Like others, i also feel frustrated when my inquiry in renaming my hotmail is not answered.

    can please rename my hotmail address to thanks!

  • How to change Windows Live ID

  • i keep forgeting my password and i need to change it

  • I can't accomplish anything either. I've been trying for 5 hours, to Google and search windows website to change the @live primary e-mail, but I can't change it, and I don't want a new one because it is linked with my xbox live account. Microsoft has some pointless features that make no sense whatsoever. I give up.

  • my e-mail (ubaid1012003@yahoo.c0m live com messegner i want to use thanks UBAID

  • now i can use id/e-mail in live messegener thanks ubaid

  • how can i change my windows live email address without losing everything or having to set up another account?

  • alright so i did a little trouble shooting with this issue of the "change" button not showing up for some people so here are my findings

    i created a brand new email address at
    for example "" when i went to view account the change button was not available for me and yes i was using a IE whiel doin all of this

    -I created an email address using ex."" i then went to and turned this yahoo address into a live id meaning i could now sign into "" using a yahoo email address once this was done i then wnet to view account option and the change button was available to me

    jope this helps some of you / and shuts up teh others sayin i dont know why people are having this such a hard time

  • Thanx, worked perfectly !.

  • You've tried to sign in too many times with an incorrect e-mail address or password, or someone else is trying to sign in to the account

  • Sorry, the email address "" is not a valid email address format

  • You've tried to sign in too many times with an incorrect e-mail address or password, or someone else is trying to sign in to the account

  • the change doesn' t appear next to my id, why?

  • Hi... I've changed my Live ID, but for now it's about week, or more, i cant see anyone online... only 2 persons appear online, others even cant get my messages ... how to fix this thing??

  • For the record,

    - changing email only works with a microsoft email (hotmail...) else you have "try later" message

    - if you convert your ID to a "live" id (, the change id/mail option will disappear (it's a one way move)

    It's a very bad business practice, to say the least.

  • Wow. I look at all these comments and it seems like almost everyone thinks that Microsoft is actually receiving them as an email. THEY AREN'T. Also, Microsoft isn't some Nazi-Corp trying to make your lives hell, just email your contact list to your new address.

  • Just ring them up and do it over the phone im sure they will be able to change your email/xbox/msn email details over the phon, providing you get your security questions right

  • so, may i know what's the conclusion/answer on how to change the current hotmail address (login id) to another hotmail address (login id)?? really appreciate if anybody could assist me on this. much thanks! :)

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  • Blueberry gumdrops!

  • Your Windows Live ID can't be changed at this time.

  • I see the "change" button next to my windows live id; however, when I click it--I get "cannot change your windows live id at this time." HOW DO I CHANGE MY ID?

  • i want to change my windows live id because i want to apply for my first job and i want a more casual name but whenever i go to "account" then click the "change" link next to windows live id it just says "Your Windows Live ID can't be changed at this time."
    is there anything i can do to make it work?

  • All windows live and windows based internet programs use the windows live login. You cant change it, your stuck with it. unfortunatly microsoft dont care weather you can access that email or not, they have your money...

    Even now 4 years after this thread was created you still cant change email login details...

  • What a frankly fun piece of writing...

  • It is possible to change your Live ID. I just changed mine. Go to, log in. In the welcome page (or any other after login) you will see your email address in the right top corner with a small triangle pointing down besides. If you click that triangle, you should see the menu account. Right in there, you will find the link to change you main LiveID account mail.

    Be aware that you can only change to an e-mail address unknown by liveID. If you inserted the new e-mail address in your profile as an secondary contact info or inserted the new e-mail to the notifications, LiveID will not allow you to change to this new e-mail address

  • change my email from to

  • change login to the above.

  • Simple instructions for anyone looking for how to do it now:

    - log in at
    - click or hover on your name up the top with the drop down triangle
    - click "Account"
    - up the top on the "Windows Live ID" line, click change on the right
    - change it.
    - verify the new email.


  • i not have any more my old email

  • Tried this, but it does not work. I get the message on the screen that the Windows Live ID cannot be changed.

  • I want to change my windows live ID to my aliasmpermanently How do I do this?

  • ,re: Change Your Windows Live ID Primary Email,Adil,,,,Submit

  • his is to change my e-mail address

  • I need my Xbox live account back now!!!!

  • i want to change my email

  • You've tried to sign in too many times with an incorrect email address or password

  • I forgot my password so I want to change it how may I change it.need ur help

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  • I forget my password

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  • I wanted to change my primary email account in Windows Live. This is what worked for me. :)
    I hope it helps you all out there with the same problem

    Windows Live was registered to a hotmail account I did not want it registered to. I had another Hotmail account I did want it registered to. In the account I did not want registered, I transfered all email and drafts to another account. I then closed that account. Now don't worry ... keep reading ... (they did warn me all would be lost and not recoverable), but at this point I didn't care. I then redid the Windows Live with the hotmail account I wanted as my primary account. It worked. ;)

    I then went to log in to the account I deleted ... hotmail asked me a few questions and it re-opened the account I deleted. I now have the primary email address I want in Windows Live and the email address I didn't want is still active for other things.

    Now I don't know about other email accounts other than Hotmail on this one... I can say, hotmail worked like I said above

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