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  • Settings Charm

    One of the nice things about Windows 8 for developers adoption of some clearly defined (and long needed) user experience standards. While in the past we relied on conventions (Help -> About for example) those conventions were not always followed and often didn't make a lot of sense (Help -> About for example). A great example of these UX standards are the Charms. Here we'll take a look at the Charm you're most likely to encounter; the Settings Charm.

    Why is the...
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  • Windows Store Apps

    I've run into a couple of developers asking where "Metro Style Apps" went in the RTM version of Visual Studio 2012. Don't worry, they are still there. They just have a new name. That term "Metro" was just a placeholder during the beta phase.

    There are two different types of Windows Apps. The first is the classic "Desktop App" which you either buy off the shelf (for those under 20, this is how we "old timers" used to buy our software)...
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  • Moved to Azure

    Well now I've gone and done it, I've moved this site over to Azure. Overall the experience was pretty painless.

    Created a new Windows Server 2012 VM instance

    Installed WordPress and MySQL via the Web Platform Installer
    Imported my old MySQL Database

    I have run into a few issues around MySQL. I exported my old data from MySQL using the only tool at my disposal, an automated backup from my old hosting provider. The problem with this method is that my character set information...
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