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  • w.bloggar Question

    Anyone know how to make w.Bloggar put in paragraph marks?

    Unless I manually put the < P > in, the published results all end up on a single line. It is really annoying.

  • w.bloggar

    I have to say, w.bloggar's interface is quite nice. I finally understand why so many folks didn't like using a web interface to post to their blog.

    One item to note, the word "blog" isn't included in the spell checker dictionary. :)

  • More on SpamNet

    This is just an update on my SpamNet experience so far:

    • Hours Running: 72
    • Spam Filtered: 894
    • Spam Missed: 1
    • Non-Spam Tagged as Spam: 0

    If 894 spam messages seems high to you (someone said it did) then feel for me. I've had the same email address for over a decade so I'm on just about every list ever published.

  • SPAM, SPAM, SPAM, Baked Beans, and SPAM

    I just bumped into an Anti-Spam tool that actually seems to work. It has caught 100% of the Spam coming into my In-box for the last 48 hours without ANY interaction on my part.

    It is an Outlook Add-in so it is seamless (no external program to scrub your email first, nothing server side required). This was something I've wanted for a while now.

    And at $0.00, the price is just right. :)

    Check out SpamNet from Cloudmark.

  • Biometrics in the news

    There is an interesting article about how Fidelity Investments is using biometrics over at InfoWorld. This is all very cool stuff.

    Now I just need someone to hire me to build solutions that use biometric identification. Anyone? ;)

  • Framework On The Brain (Brain On The Floor)

    Julie has made me feel guilty for focusing on the language more than .NET itself. I admit that I've ignored large swaths of .NET in my desire to get up to speed on the languages (C#, VB.NET). In hindsight, I've probably short-changed myself in the process because so much of what makes up .NET is contained in the Framework rather than the language itself.

    So, with this in mind, I've spend the last two days digging into the multitude of classes in the .NET Framework. One thing I've learned is that  there are a lot of damn classes.

    My only question; is there a function to put my brain back into my head? It seems to have melted and drained out my ear sometime around class number 4,000....

  • Re: the blogging style thing

    Also, commenting on other peoples blogs is inconvenient because you have to manually go back and check whether you've been flamed :P or not :-)

    This is a mighty good point. It would be nice if there was a better way to handle comments. They lend themselves to a message board format but in practical terms that are more like shouts from the peanut gallery.

    Personally, I tend to only leave a comment if it does not require a response. Otherwise I make my own blog entry or leave the entire subject to fade into memory.

  • C#

    I had written this rather long rant. Realizing the size was far to large for a blog entry, I decided to edit it down. What I ended up with is the following:
    C# is case-sensitive. I hate that.

    I think that sums it up.

  • Web Service Purgatory

    Well, I’m out of Web Service Hell. Christian Weyer pointed me in the right direction and I had my first Web Service working pretty quickly.

    It turns out that the dataset is only included in the WSDL if it is actually being returned by a function. Simply including it in the project, even if it is used in the code(as mine was), does not mean it will be made visible to the outside world.

    This does make some sense as you wouldn’t typically want to see a bunch of internal components of the web service unless those components could be used by the client application. Now that I understand this little rule, things are much clearer now. Of course, it would be nice to have had this documented someplace. But hey, where would the adventure be in that?

    I’m still working though some issues in my head (data collisions and exception handling for example) so I’m not quite in Heaven yet, but I am comfortable in purgatory. :)

    Thanks again Christian.