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  • Developer Community Seminars

    I had the pleasure of attending on of Microsoft's new "Developer Community Seminars" today. One of the nice things about being a developer in New England the last few years has been Russ Fustino and his "Russ' Tool Shed" quarterly seminars.

    When Microsoft moved Russ to Florida a month or so ago, I was afraid I had seen the last of the "tell it like it is" development seminars. Let's face it, most of these seminars are "tell it like marketing says it is".  And while those marketing seminars might present a nice excuse to get away, they are almost always more noise than signal.

    I'm happy to say my fears were completely unfounded. The presentation I say today, put on by Joe Stagner, was everything I hoped it would be. To say he "told it like it is" would just not do it justice.

    Now if they could just get him into an orange hard-hat with a Carl Franklin song playing over the sound system... :)

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  • "We're not gonna take it. No, we ain't gonna take it"

    So here I am, happily working on my application. Free as a bird and not a care in the world. When suddenly, a 300 ton anvil comes crashing down on my fingers. And written along it's side is "Image List".

    I've just now added the same collection of images to yet another instance of an Image List for the gazillionth time this month. Every toolbar in my application has a common set of icons, and because I can't inherit/wrap/share the Image List, I'm forced to add it manually to every Image List control on every form.

    I'm not looking for the world, I just want a Image List that I can share with every toolbar in my application. And No, I don't want to create a static image list an attach it in code. I want it in my fancy designer damn it! (how's that for diplomatic?).

    So my dear friends at Microsoft, fix this! Or I'll be forced to throw this anvil back at you.

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  • I need a drink

    Just when I think I've seen the craziest post ever, I find I spoke too soon.

    Some other enlightened should posted over a Joel's board today (quite a day at Joel's a guess). It seems that Macromedia Flash cannot handle Right-to-Left text processing. Technical problem? Poor design? Nah, it is because they are racists.

    I need some Tequila.

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  • From bad to worse...

    I've heard some rather specious arguments defending the GPL and it's followers. But this one over at Joel's message board takes them to an entirely new low. The gist of his argument is that the GPL is Marxist and this is a good thing.

    My favorite part? It is where he claims he supports the GPL and Free Software Foundation "because essentially, they proved that a socialist society is possible".

    Yet more proof that if geeks ran the world we would be dead in a week.

    UPDATE: Sorry, wrong URL there. This is the correct one.