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  • New Skin

    Thanks to a great idea for skinning (and skin) from Jesse and an even better idea of borrowing it from Roy, I now have a nice new skin for my site. Woot!

  • MSDE Deployment

    This question was posed to me at a development meeting and I simply could not think of an answer.

    If a user has SQL Server 2000 installed and then installs an instance of MSDE 2000, do the limits of MSDE remain? In other words, will that MSDE instance be limited to 5 batch jobs and have the same performance degradation that MSDE alone would have?


  • Computer Science Education

    I had the pleasure of interviewing a recent college graduate the other day. While he was one of the smartest kids I've met in some time, I was utterly shocked at how many holes where in his formal education. What is even more disheartening is that I have also learned that his experience is very much the norm.

    What struck me the most was how anti-Microsoft he was (the entire college world for the matter). Is every professor looking to turn out a legion of Microsoft haters to go fight to "good fight"? With 90+% of the world running Windows, this is quite a disservice to their students. The fact is, there are not a lot of Linux development positions out there for these kids. And Open Source doesn't put much food on the table. 



  • Comments vs Forums

    DataGirl got me thinking....

    Most every blog includes a comments section. The thing is, it is almost never used (with the exception of Chris Sells' blog that is). I think this has a lot to do with the format. It is more of a "bathroom-wall" approach than a discussion forum.

    Maybe we should borrow a concept from the blog's older cousin, the Rant Site, and use actual forums instead (each post is then linked to a discussion thread)? They do lend themselves to more of a community than the standard comment system we use today.

  • Optimizeit Profiler for .NET

    Borland just released the Optimizeit Profiler for .NET. I had the opportunity to see this little guy at the Windows/VS Studio 2003 Launch Event in Boston the other day. It was pretty impressive and relatively easy to configure.


    As with everything Borland, the $699 price tag is a bit much. I’ve not used many profiling tools in the past so maybe it is competitive. But for someone like me who doesn’t have a desperate need, just a strong desire, it is more than I’m willing to toss into the budget.

  • Beta Rollout

    Eyes bleeding.... Head pounding... Going to explode any second now... AHHHHHH!

    I'm in the middle of a beta rollout of a new release.

    It always astounds me just how easily end-users can break an installation no matter how much testing you do before hand. A subtle difference in their OS installation that you didn't account for and BOOM, a nightmare ensues.

    What gets me is that I added even more layers of testing for this release. By using VMWare we were able to set up 25 different operating systems in varying configurations and patch levels. We figured that testing each install on this setup, we would catch most (if not all) of the major installation issues. Well, 1st install.... 1st nightmare.

    I'm starting to see why most companies employ an instillation engineer. Installations have become so complex that it is almost an application unto itself.

    I'm think I'll go find a corner and cut myself for a few hours.