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  • August M. LaFleur

    CAPE COD, July 15 2013 – August Manross LaFleur was born late Thursday evening weighing 7lbs and laying 19 inches long. His first words upon entering this world were unintelligible and awaiting audio analysis. Several witnesses reported that the words were something to the effect of “What did I do to deserve these guys for a family?”. Other witnesses stated that he was reminding his parents that he wasn't in fact born in August and irony is highly overrated and...
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  • Hubtastic

    There are two universal truths about the Bing News app on Windows 8. The first is that it represents the best of Windows 8 app design with dynamic content, gorgeous images and intuitive navigation. The second is that it is nearly impossible for the average developer (maybe even many above average developers) to reproduce. The fact is, it isn't just one of the best Windows 8 apps, it was written by some of the best Windows 8 developers. Thankfully Windows...
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