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  • Shinny New HelpSpot

    We just purchased HelpSpot and are getting it up and running today. If you're looking for a customer support solution, especially for small to mid-sized ISVs, I would highly recommend checking them out.

  • Community Server 2.0 Roll-out

    This is my first post using the new CS 2.0 that was just rolled out here. All I can say is wow. There is quite a difference between the old .Text and this puppy. I now understand what they mean by "leapfrogging technology".

    Big props to the guys at Telligent for this.

  • Promises Promises

    I got a only of those "low rater mortgage loan" spam messages today. The first line said the following:

    "This will be our 4th and last final attempt to reach you regarding your low rate approval."

    Really? Do you promise?