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  • Leveraging Portable Class Libraries

    NOTE: This is part of a series covering Windows Client development. Our sample application is RMV Awesome, an ironically named Modern UI application for keeping tabs on the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles. In this article we'll take a step towards Windows Phone by introducing Portable Class Libraries.

    On the path towards Windows Phone we must first stop off in the land of Portable Class Libraries or PCLs. In many was a PCL is just like any other Library, it holds...
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  • Renaming a Windows 8.1 App

    One of the often overlooked improvements for the Windows Store in Windows 8.1 answers one of the more common questions I'm asked by developers.

    Previously the name you reserved for your app was someone permanent. Sure, you could rename your app but it required republishing your app under the new name and delisting your old one. The downside of this was that your existing users had no idea and therefore ended up orphaned from future upgrades.

    With 8.1 you can now rename...
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  • Image Importer

    I recently published an app for Windows 8.1 for importing photos. Image Importer provides an enhanced photo importation over the default Photos app. Specifically it adds two features previously available in Windows Essentials Live Gallery - the ability to import files into folders by Date Taken and remove files from the source media when completed. I developed this utility for my personal use but decided to publish it after hearing other's in the community looking for these features.

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  • Seting Up Settings

    Last fall I wrote about the Settings Charm and how to leverage it for Privacy Policy. That post is still completely relevant today but I want to update the examples to leverage the new Settings Flyout control in Windows 8.1.


    Windows 8.1 introduces a new control for XAML, the SettingsFlyout. Previously this control had only been available for JavaScript apps or as a 3rd party component. It provides a convenient way for creating app settings flyouts in your app that comply with...
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