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  • KB974571 Breaks OCS 2007 R2

    I came back from vacation to find that I was unable to login to OCS. Turns out that an update installed on 10/14 broke the front-end services for OCS. The event log shows the following error:

    The evaluation period for Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 R2  has expired. Please upgrade from the evaluation version to the full released version of the product.

    Uninstalling the KB974581 update corrected the problem.

    Big thanks to Dietmar Kraume’s blog post at for pointing to the solution.

  • 2009 MVP Award

    Yesterday I received an email announcing that I had been made an MVP for my work in the Microsoft Communications Server community. This is my first MVP award. I’m very excited to be a part of the MVP program and to be a resources to others in the community. I expect Unified Communications (and OCS along with it) to experience substantial growth over the next 5 years and I’m thrilled to be a part of it.


  • MagicJack Catches Flack

    In what I think may be the most entertaining blog post this year, Richard Martin describes a panel discussion at the Internet Telephony Expo. This particular panel seems to have gotten nasty when the panel members started questioning the validity of fellow panelist Dan Borislow, the creator of MagicJack.

    What makes this post so entertaining are the comments. The first from Dan Borislow who seems to have decided the best defense is a good offence, calling out Matt Bramson, CSO of InPhonex and post author Richard Martin. In concluding his comment Mr. Borislow said the following:

    “If you are interested in learning how we have a huge cost benefit over our competition, send me an email.I think I can easily explain this to you. I believe you will be quite fascinated” – Dan Borislow

    The following comment comes from Matt Bramson, who after explaining to Mr. Borislow who InPhonex is, ended with:

    “If you are interested in learning how to sustain long-term, profitable business performance, send me an e-mail. I think I can easily explain this to you. I believe that you will be uninterested.” -Matt Bramson

    And they say telecommunications is boring…

  • A Talk by jQuery Creator, John Resig

    I’ve you’re going to be in the Boston area this Wednesday the Boston .NET User Group is offering a talk by jQuery creator John Resig. It isn’t often that you have an opportunity see hear a talk by someone with this much influence. And it is even rarer to do so in such an small group (most of these talks have less than 40 people in attendance).

    Boston .NET User Group
    John Resig, jQuery Creator and Lead Developer
    Wednesday Feb. 11, 2009 6:00-8:00 p.m.
    MSFT Office, Waltham, MA