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Can we please put a stop to this Install on Demand madness? I know it is very cool that it will install some template only when I need it. I understand that this is very slick. I get it. But please stop it!


Every time I start Visio 2003 it asks me for the CD-ROM. I have no idea why, but it wants it. The problem isn’t that I lack the CD, it is that I have too many of them (MSDN, Action Pack, Retail…). And not one of them has the damn file this thing wants. The best part is that if I click “Cancel” it loads Visio anyway. If this file is so damn important than how does it run at all? It acts like my 2 year old, passionately demanding something that it has absolutely no need for. And sometimes, also like my 2 year old, it needs to be told “no” (or in this case, “cancel”) multiple times before it gets the point.


Hard drive space is cheep guys. This technology may be cool but you are 5 years late bringing it to the table. With the price of disk space these days, just let me install the whole damn thing and leave me be already!


I need to find a wall to bang my head against…


  • Window Journal Viewer ...

    Sometimes cancel doesn't work, what happens when I cancel a neverending rollback of an installation.

    Power OFF by holding the button.

    There appears to be no solution to Office with FrontPage, if you don't get the Order of Installation correct, you get prompted every sigle time you open VS.Net.

  • I have to cancel the "installing Visio Professional 2002" process twice every time I search for a file on my windows 2000 box. Visio 2002 is no longer installed on that box and I do not plan on reinstalling it. I think this is MS's way of punishing me for that.

  • I had this problem and called MS support. They had me rename the "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Office10" directory, and re-start visio. The program did the install it needed, re-created the directory, then everything worked correctly after that. it seems the mso.dll had become corrupt on my machine from one or many installs/uninstalls. Try that, worked for me.

  • Install on demand asian language support was so pushy in Internet Explorer even with "don't ask me again checked" that I finally installed it. Now it bothers me even more a thought of having these files in my computer. I know that this is not a forum to discuss problems like that, but I can't find anywhere a word how to uninstall the damn thing. Somebody please help me!

  • Hi

    When I run Acrobat reader its ask me to instal Window journal viewer and then it says the path is incorrect I mean the file is not in the required path. Could you please advise how to install it.



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