Vault 3.0 / Dragnet 1.0

I’ve been using Vault 3.0 for a while now (I yet again was completely reckless and ran live on the beta). For those without source control or (worse) using SourceSafe, take a look at Vault. It is very inexpensive compared to other major SCC systems (single user is even free), completely written in .NET, uses MSDE/SQL Server, and flat out works like a champ.

The biggest change (aside from the new Add Files dialog… thank you for that one…) is a new product in the mix called Dragnet. Dragnet is a bug tracking solution that ties directly in with Vault. It is a first generation product so it isn’t as feature rich as something like FogBugz, but the quality of the integration makes up for a lot of that. I also found it much easier to look at than most of systems. It is well laid out and very easy to find what you want quickly.

The only issue I have with Dragnet (and it is preventing me from switching) is the ability to submit bugs from outside the system. Currently our software supports submitting error reports directly into FogBugz and we receive a number of bugs/requests via email directly into FogBugz as well. But once something is available for this (and I’ve heard it will be added) then I’m likely to switch over too it. We are using it for some side projects already with great results.