NuGet – My favorite .Net OSS project of the year 2010

NuGet is my favorite .Net OSS project of the year 2010. NuGet is a free, open source, package management system for the .NET platform. NuGet is a member of the ASP.NET Open Source Gallery in the Outercurve Foundation. NuGet is very useful tool for .NET developers who are using open source libraries for their applications. NuGet enables .NET developers to easily discover, download, install and update packages into .NET projects. NuGet will handles dependency management between libraries. NuPack also makes it easy for .NET developers to create and publish packages for other .NET developers. Today, the .NET open source community is widely growing and providing huge set of useful libraries. Using NuGet, .NET developers can easily find and update these libraries into their .NET projects. The client-side NuPack tools provides full integration with Visual Studio 2010. You can get NuGet form its project site Read the Getting Started page at Codeplex to learn how to use NuGet

The below screen shot shows NuGet package window for adding library package reference within the Visual Studio 2010.


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