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  • Building JavaScript MVVM apps in ASP.NET MVC using KnockoutJS

    JavaScript is getting more attention in modern web application development and increasing the popularity of JavaScript on every day. HTML 5 is making a revolution in web apps world and it is becoming a common platform for variety of scenarios. JavaScript is the language for HTML 5. The next question is how we can write highly maintainable JavaScript code and how to write testable JavaScript code. The answer would be to use a high level JavaScript framework such as KnockoutJS, BackboneJS and SpineJS. In this post, I will demonstrate how to use KnockoutJS in your ASP.NET MVC apps. KnockoutJS is an open source JavaScript library developed by Steven Sanderson. I am a big admirer of Steven Sanderson so I decided to first evaluate  KnockoutJS  and really excited about the framework so far. You can download the source code of the demo app from here

  • Speaking at Kerala Microsoft User Group on JavaScript MVVM and KnockoutJS

    I will be speaking about JavaScript MVVM and KnockoutJS at Kerala Microsoft User Group, Kochi on August 20. In this session, I will provide an overview of KnockoutJS, a MVVM framework for creating rich, interactive  user interfaces with JavaScript and HTML. Finally, I will demonstrate how to use KnockoutJS in your ASP.NET/ASP.NET MVC applications. The event details  available from here.