DocumentDB - NoSQL Database As A Service On Azure

Microsoft Azure team has announced a new NoSQL database named "DocumentDB". DocumentDB is a fully managed, massively scalable, NoSQL database as a service on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. This is a right movement from Microsoft as the existing Table storage was not effcient comparing to other NoSQL databases available in the market. In my initial evalution, DocumentDB is the most feature rich NoSQL databse comparing to many popular NoSQL database.  In DocumentDB, we can write Trigger, Stored Procedure and User Defined Function (UDF) in JavaScript. 

Here's the highlight of the DocumentDB:

  • Elastically scalable 
  • Shcema-free database
  • JavaScript as a language for writing query and transaction processing (JavaScript as a modern replacement for T-SQL)
  • JSON based document model
  • HTTP for transportation protocol.
  • ACID transactions with snapshot isolation
  • LINQ query provider for .NET

Here's the link for some resources:


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