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  • ASP.NET MVC Grid View using MVCContrib

    In this post, I demonstrate how you can use the  Grid UI helper of the MVCContrib project in your ASP.NET MVC  application. MVCContrib is a community project that adds the functionalities to Microsoft’s ASP.NET MVC Framework and makes the framework easier to use. MVCContrib provides several UI helpers and Grid UI helper is one of them. The Grid helper provides the functionalities of GridView control of ASP.NET GridView. The Grid component generates HTML tables for displaying data from a collection of Model objects and it support paging. The MVCContrib project can download from

    The following are the steps to get Grid to work:


    Add a reference to the MvcContrib assembly (download available from )

    Step 2

    Add a namespace import for MvcContrib.UI.Html to your web.config file:
            <add namespace="MvcContrib.UI"/>
            <add namespace="MvcContrib.UI.Html"/>
            <add namespace="MvcContrib.UI.Html.Grid"/>
           <add namespace="MvcContrib"/>

    Using the Grid

  • ASP.NET MVC Preview 4 Released

     ASP.NET MVC Preview 4  has been released on the CodePlex. You can download it from here.The Preview 4 release provides the new features such as OutputCache Action Filter, Authorize Action Filter, AccountController, Ajax Helpers and Namespaces in Routes.Visit Guru Gu's (Scott Guthrie) blog entry for more detailed informations. Now the ASP.NET MVC is getting the maturity for live production and the product is going close to the official beta, after that RTM version will be available. I hope the community can expect V 1.0 release on this year itself and new enhanced features will be included in a future full release.

  • MVC Vs Web Form

    Software Architects have been involving lot of debates about different approaches and architectures. Some of the examples are ORM Vs Store Procedures, REST Vs SOAP, etc. There is a debate happening inside the Microsoft community about web form Vs MVC. Many people thinking that MVC will be replace webforms at least eventually and others are thinking that MVC will not be replace webforms. Will MVC replace webforms?. MVC is an alternative approach to webforms rather than a replacement. It will not replace webforms and webforms will not replace ASP.NET MVC. The fact is that ASP.NET MVC and webforms will co-exist and that ASP.NET MVC is not a replacement for webforms. If you prefer MVC use it and you feel webform is more comfortable, you can use it. . Both approaches are just choices and different approaches and choices are good things. Different choices are available for other platforms especially in the Java platform.