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  • Windows Azure Mobile Services with .NET Backend

    In this post, I will take a look at the new .NET support provided in Windows Azure Mobile Services for building mobile backend. Windows Azure Mobile Services was a technology based on Node.js, where we write backend code in JavaScript and we can leverage the Node.js ecosystem including NPM modules. But with the new release of Windows Azure Mobile Services, we can also build Mobile Services backend with .NET, which is a ASP.NET Web API based infrastructure. This is super exciting feature to .Net developers as developers can now work with Visual Studio 2013 for building Mobile Services backend with .NET where they can debug, test and run applications locally with their favourite IDE Visual Studio. For ASP.NET Web API developers, they can work with Mobile Services using their existing skills.

  • Gulp.js : A Better Alternative to Grunt.js

    Recently, we have started a single page application (SPA) demo in github with AngularJS. When we start this project, my plan was to use Grunt.js for task automation. But later, I have observed that there is a new framework named Gulp.js, that provides more cleaner and elegant syntax, which is easy to read and easy to write comparing to Grunt.js. Then I have evaluated the framework and really impressed with Gulp.js. Now I highly recommend Gulp.js over Grunt.js mainly due to its cleaner syntax.