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  • SQL for the .NET Developer

    There are a lot of .NET Developers out there that are not taking advantage of all the SQL has to offer. If you are writing .NET code to iterate over database tables to aggregate data, ie, summing, averaging, etc., then you need to learn more about SQL. Why write all that code in VB.NET or C# when you could use ANSI SQL commands to do the job for you. You will not only save programming time, but also memory and processing time for your users.

  • Code Generation

    I have been speaking at a lot of user groups lately and I always ask how many people are generating code. It is astounding to me just how many people DO NOT do this! Programmers are still writing CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) logic by hand! Code generation has been around for years. Why not take advantage of it? You could use the built-in tools in .NET or go out and purchase an excellent code generation tool like CodeSmith (

  • Paul's Band Evolve

    A lot of developers are also musicians. I am too. I am a drummer in a progressive rock band called Evolve. We just started in February, and are planning on releasing a CD soon. Check out for more information on the band.
    You will find sample songs on my Inner Circle site
    Let me know which songs you like the best, I will be very interested.

  • Paul Sheriff's Inner Circle Comments

    Hi All, I have been seeing a lot of great feedback on the launching of my Inner Circle. I have also had some detractors.... I had no intention of sounding "arragont" or "elitist". Anyone who knows me well, would agree that I am not any of these. However, I do have 20+ years in the IT industry, and have been running my own consulting company for 15+ years. I have a lot of knowledge to offer to people, and just want to be fairly compensated. Many of the code snippets on this site are now free (due to popular demand). There will also be Webcasts, tele-conferences, articles, eBooks, utilities and other things that will not be free. Just like purchasing a book or attending a "professional development" conference, you will be paying for these things. I need to charge for these as well.

  • Welcome to my Blog!

    After many years of not blogging, I have decided to start. I hope to share a lot of my thought processes, how I learn new technology, how I write software, and some personal information about myself as well. I hope you enjoy my blog.

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