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  • Use the Silverlight ListBox as an Expanding Menu

    Silverlight leaves a lot of choices up to you as a developer. For example, creating a menu or navigational system for your Silverlight application is pretty much wide open. There is a template navigational application that Microsoft supplies with Visual Studio 2010 that uses HyperlinkButton controls as the menus. However, if you have more than just a few menus, you will fill up the screen pretty quickly. It would be nice if you had a way to have expanding a set of menus, so you could have your top set of menus such as “Maintenance” and “Security” that would show up to the user, and then when you click on either one of these, they would expand to reveal each menu item as shown in Figure 1.

  • Add Gradient Background to Mirror Image

    In my last blog post I showed you how to create a mirror image as shown in Figure 1. This simple image with a reflection is a nice effect, but it does look a little flat and not very interesting just sitting directly on the user control. In this blog post you will learn how to add a background using a border, a linear gradient and a drop shadow to give this reflection a little more depth and interest to the user’s eye as shown in Figure 3.

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