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  • Centering Text on a WPF Shape

    In a WPF application I am building right now, I had a need to create different sets of shapes and put some text within those shapes. The various shapes I needed were things like rectangles, circles, ellipses and triangles. WPF can create these shapes; however, shapes in WPF are not containers, so you cannot add any text inside of them. This article will show you how to put text into each of these shapes in a couple of different ways.

  • Get RGB Values from WPF Color

    Recently, I have been setting up a lot of WPF styles for an application I am working on. During this project, I needed to set a lot of colors. Instead of hard-coding colors, I use resources. For example, I am using the <DropShadowEffect> on many of my controls. This <DropShadowEffect> element has a “Color” attribute that you can set as shown in the code below:

  • Load Resource Dictionaries at Runtime in WPF

    One of the really cool features of WPF is the ability to style controls. Styles in WPF can be grouped together into Resource Dictionaries. These resource dictionaries can then be loaded dynamically at runtime with just a small amount of Visual Basic or C# code. In Figure 1 you see an example WPF form that allows you to type in a XAML file name that contains a resource dictionary. The styles within this resource dictionary are applied to a Grid control. In this case, it is just a simple gradient fill, but the same concept will apply even if you had styles for all controls in your application.

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