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  • Bind ObjectDataProvider Method Parameters in WPF

    It is absolutely amazing how much you can do in WPF without writing a line of code. If you take full advantage of the data-binding features in WPF you will find that a lot of the code you used to write to move data from one control to another, or move data from a control on a form and pass it to the method on a class can be completely eliminated!

  • Use XML Files with WPF

    XML files are very handy for storing and display data that you might not want to keep in a database. It is wonderful choice for prototyping since you do not need to setup any database tables, connection strings and data objects. Instead you can send a complete project to a user that they can try out immediately without any setup at all. There are actually several methods you can use to display XML within a WPF application, let’s look at a few.

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