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  • Windows Phone List Box with Images

    Developing for Windows Phone is easy if you have been doing any XAML at all. That’s because you use Silverlight for Windows Phone development! This is a great thing because everything you already know you can apply immediately. Let’s take a simple example like presenting a list of products with images in a list box (Figure 1) in the Windows Phone emulator. This article assumes that you have VS.NET 2010 and the Windows Phone tools installed along with it. The Windows Phone tools must be downloaded separately and installed with VS.NET 2010. You may also download the free VS.NET 2010 Express for Windows Phone developer environment.

  • Horizontal List Boxes in Silverlight

    A list box in XAML does not just have to look like a normal list box with just a single line of data in each row. You can place multiple rows into the list box, and you can even turn the list box so it displays the data horizontally instead of vertically (see Figure 1).

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