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  • Override ToString() in your Classes

    One of the reasons I love teaching is because of the questions that I get from attendees. I was giving a presentation at DevConnections and was showing a collection of Product objects. When I hovered over the variable that contained the collection, it looked like Figure 2. As you can see in the collection, I have actual product names of my videos from being displayed. To get your data to appear in the data tips you must override the ToString() method in your class.

  • An HTML 5 Navigation Screen

    Like many people today, we are exploring HTML 5 for use in web applications. While not really ready for prime-time on its own at this point, it can definitely be used in combination with tools like Modernizr ( One of the first things you might do is create a home page with a simple navigation system on it. This blog post will show you one way to accomplish this.

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