Deborah Kurata's new book is out!

Hi All,

Just wanted to let you know that my good friend, Deborah Kurata, has just released the updated version to her popular book "Doing Objects in VB" for VS.NET 2005. Check it out if you get a chance!

Title: Doing Objects in Visual Basic 2005
Author: Deborah Kurata
ISBN: 0321320492
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  • Congrats to Deborah! We recently had the chance to work together and I was truly impressed.

  • I recently bought this book and it has been very helpful. Very practical examples in OO programming.

  • the book is "ok...". I was somewhat disappointed from its "old taste". It basically felt like a 1995 book being re-written for new technologies. Take for example the MDI discussion, it is so passe'. Also, great many pages are devoted to illustrate step-by-step ations done when using the Visual Studio tool. There are online manuals for that. The book should have concentrated more on building classes, design, and patters. For the latter, "Patterns", there was just a cursory note of it, referring the reader to the GoF book.

  • Looking forward to the 2010 version or later. Doing Objects in VB 2005 was one of the best references on the subject, well laid out and eloquently articulated.

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